The Bright Side of Capital Punishment in Mauritius


Envision a world where there is no dread of being a gopher of monstrous violations. Envision a world where the legal framework is more viable and productive. To me life is sacrosanct! And what about you? Hell, but yes, we are talking about Mauritius which is known as one of the world’s top extravagance tourism goals. Living in a democratic country, the saga of crime and deviance is flourishing day-by-day. The legal framework of Mauritius has frequently gone under fault-finding for being excessively merciful with both murder and assault cases which hurts the moral and feeling of the public. Its high time for the country to implement the era of Capital Punishment again to save the reputation of the country.

Dreadful anti-social behaviors are being dedicated mercilessly and because of this family victims endure terribly. If this can’t be controlled, society will be brimming with chaos and wickedness. Did you know that instantly, crooks are never terrified of the jail framework? Rather, some may really be in an ideal situation in jail, where they are enjoying, bolstered and offered different offices, for example, the likelihood to study or practice sports. And this is what happens in Mauritius. Criminals are not being punished but are enjoying their life in jail. People are more willing to commit crimes to go to jail than to do a good job in the society. Capital Punishment serves as an impediment of wrongdoings as culprits who are planning to do an illicit demonstration again would reconsider before conferring it. This will likewise constitute the brain of the potential wrongdoer that they will be executed for whatever awful tremendous activity they expect to do.

Do you agree that if Mauritius had severe laws implemented in its Jurisdictions drugs would not have been a major concern for the country? Crimes would not have been increasing more? Mauritius would have been better off! Where is the fault behind these issues? I blame the Mauritian Law and the Government! If Government would have been conscious about the number of crimes happening today, they would have surely re-implement the system of Capital Punishment again and make the criminal laws more and more severe. Criminals are rather enjoying their freedom.

As a future young graduate, I believe that death penalty ought to stay one of the primary discipline for genuine crooks whose conduct is hopeless. Capital Punishment is proper for individuals who confer genuine wrong with irreversible outcomes to innocent parties. “Every human being, of whatever station, deserves respect”. We all respect and esteem life, but however for individuals who savagely end life of innocents or the respect of any guiltless, has no place in our peace cherishing society.


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