Insights of my Law Speciality

ERRIAH CHAMBERS, directed by Mr Dev Erriah is a well-known Mauritian legal firm that provides advice about the lawful framework in Mauritius in different field such as “International tax law, International trusts law, International Business laws”, and all prospect of offshore business exercises considering the interest in Mauritius based attorneys with universal exposé and specific ability. Furthermore, Erriah Chambers have a group of experts, conveying a scope of services for both organizations and people. Erriah Chambers being famous in Mauritius, notably is also a representative of LEX Africa since February 2014. LEX Africa is a communion of the best law offices in more than 20 African nations which has been established since 1993. Additionally, LEX Africa classifies Erriah Chambers of having the correct blend of devotion and enthusiasm. Erriah Chambers has encountered several awards and some of which are:

  • Innovation and Excellence Awards 2015
  • ACQ Law Awards 2016
  • Corporate Law Firm of the Year 2016

Erriah Chambers is more than a law office. They don’t perceive themselves basically as “lawyers” but will eternally endeavor to be their customers’ trusted counsel whether that be in a business or, an individual setting. The essence values Erriah Chambers incorporated within its business ventures are varied in terms of uprightness and trust, the inspiration of development, teamwork and the progressing with self-improvement of all employees at work. No matter how successful the legal firm can be, but Mr Dev is always in search of young law graduates who can bring innovation and a change within his firm with the evolution of the modern era. This is what makes Erriah Chamber more customer-based, innovative, creative and attractive within its industry and the reason to be among my Dream Employer.

The law field has always inspired me since adolescence maybe because most of my family members precisely or imprecisely has a connection in the law sector. My preference for Erriah Chambers is quite distinct as I had the chance to do a Pupillage of 3 Months there which bought me with unique experiences, excellent analytical skills and ready to work in any work-pressures. Since my young days at college, students were given the occasion to visit different businesses in the country to get an insight for a better career and upon visiting the legal firms in Mauritius and meeting some lawyers and attorneys, the only thing that I captured in mind was to become a Legal Advisor. And since then till now, this is my future professional career. Working in a Law firm as a Legal Advisor is not considered as a hectic task for me though its challenging, but rather it’s just like a multi-purpose task whereby you need to take into consideration all strategies from paper-based to internet. For me working in a legal firm is a fun that one can experience in life.

To be a successful Legal Advisor, one must be desirous. Clients who need advice will choose a chamber that will offer them different facilities. From the traditional perspective of the 19th century, people would usually walk to different chambers to meet legal advisors for a case discussion. And, today we are living in a cosmos where each of us has an advanced mobile phone and has a page on the social networking.  Hence with the knowledge of digital marketing, I would like to implement the digital skills within the website of the Chamber not just to attract more clients but to be in line with the modern era, and to be more innovative and creative in the Digital World. Least but not last, another strategy that could be implemented within the industry could be to provide advice to clients through the website instead of traveling to the office, that is, a move to the social media conversion. This will be a modern revolution but will also contribute to the sustainability of the environment. Erriah Chamber has its own company-based website but it’s not up-to-date, innovative and creative. Working as a Legal Advisor will not only contribute to my career but working with the digital environment will also play a pivotal role within my career in terms of retaining my clients, that is, clients will be more obvious to go towards firms that are offering unique facilities not only in terms of payments but in terms of information available and firms indulging in sustainability attributes.

It’s important to note however that law firms shifting from a crowded marketplace, that is, the old median of business to the digital world give more rise to online reputation, in terms of word-of-mouth marketing; is involved in high significance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)that helps the legal firm to be top ranked on search engines; and allows other clients to see reviews by previous satisfied clients about their case (Brian 2017). Content Marketing, Social Media Strategies and Leadership plays a vital part in the digital environment for companies to be successful.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that as a future law graduate with advanced skills in the marketing and digital marketing world, Erriah Chambers will consider employing me in their business firm. Firstly; being experienced for a 3 Months Pupillage at Erriah Chambers, Mr Dev was really impressed with my works, innovative and creative idea bought forward. I characterize myself as a charismatic and responsible person, equipped with positive attitude and strong relational skills. Similarly, I can conquer the multi-tasking aspect with sincerity and can build trust easily to generate a positive work environment. Secondly; being a law graduate with wide skills of the digital world, Mr Dev would employ me for its firm to be progressed with the evolution of the Internet.


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