Welcome Home


Hello People!

I’m Geerisha Diksha Mojee, a 22 years old Mauritian, living in the North of  Mauritius Island.

An enthusiastic Bachelor in Commerce with specialization in Business Law, ongoing 3rd year university student at Charles Telfair Institute with a sound understanding and knowledge of law.

I am an efficient and competent future graduate who is looking for an entry-level position in the Law field. My top priority after completion of my bachelor degree is to be able to share my knowledge with a company in line with the emerging trend of the Digital Environment.

I have faith in big dreams, emancipation and forward-looking mindset. Failures and challenges are my utmost motivation for success. While I have no doubt in the power of ongoing learning and sharing of knowledge beyond boundaries.

Civil liberty and animal legitimacy, being baffled presently around the earth, are my principal concerns. To me, the earth highlights our ability to comport further sympathetic with each and every earthling, and to protect and appreciate our uniqueness. Dignity is my ultimate asset, perpetuating since my existence.

Traveling the world and exploring different diversities at the same time, especially the cuisine diverseness, is one of my main goals in life.

This blog has been created to showcase my passions, skills and experiences in a view to make you explore about insights of my mindset, and stimulate your inspirations.

A Warm Welcome!


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